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Our one stop solution platform is extended to provide rich customer facilities at a sinle stop and to empower partnership with clients to put recommendations into practice.

Live Project Training

Dexbean is the best compnay for Live Projects. Complete Live Projects training with real-time scenarios.

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Online Job Training

If you are new to the online space, it can be difficult to find legit jobs that pay well. Dexbean provies best online job training. Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led courses on Job Searching.

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Join as a Trainer

We are constantly expanding our activities thus we are looking for talented, dynamic and highly motivated trainers to join our team. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity, have great English skills, love teaching and transferring the knowledge and skills to others, are interested in long-term beneficial cooperation – then this job is just for you!

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45$ per month
5 user accounts
Free 30-day trial
No encryption
100 MB Storage
99$ per month
10 user accounts
Free 30-day trial
No encryption
100 MB Storage
299$ per month
100 user accounts
Free 30-day trial
No encryption
10 GB Storage
499$ per month
1000 user accounts
Free 30-day trial
No encryption
100 GB Storage

Our Skills

We are a single platform for all of your digital needs. Our mission is to deliver high quality robust and dynamic software to businesses around the globe on a Single Desktop. DEXBEAN strives for developing unique software that are enrich in technology and adds value to the whole industry.

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Android Apps on Applay

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Apps For Work‎

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