Kerala to Set Up Drone Research Lab

"Of late drone is another emerging threat, which may pose very serious technology threat to the cities as well,” Kerala DGP Anil Kant said.


Smart Tech Is Not Making People Dumber, Study Suggests‎

“There is no scientific evidence that shows that smartphones and digital technology harm our biological cognitive abilities,” study co-author said.


Elon Musk Congratulates Tesla

Elon Musk Congratulates Tesla on Producing, Delivering 200,000 Cars and Achieving 150 Percent YoY Rise in Q2


Ransomware Breach at Florida

The attackers changed a Kaseya tool called VSA, used by companies that manage technology at smaller businesses.


Twitter Gives Away 140 Special Non-Fungible Tokens

Twitter dedicated an entire day to giving away non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The site announced that it would give away 140 NFTs through Rarible, a platform where these digital assets are bought and sold.


Google Faces Administrative Case in Russia for Breaching Personal Data Law

Russia has opened an administrative case against Google for not storing the personal data of Russian users in databases on Russian territory, a move that could see the tech giant fined, communications regulator Roskomnadzor said on Wednesday.

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